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  • 23 Mar2015
    The 2015 Intellectual Property and Economic Growth IndexThe Lisbon Council launches The 2015 Intellectual Property and Economic Growth Index: Measuring the Impact of Exceptions and Limitations in Copyright on Growth, Jobs and Prosperity. The product of a year-long research project, the Index examines the relationship between economic growth and intellectual property regimes in some of the world’s most innovative economies. Read more
  • 11 Dec2014
    Exploring the App Economy and Internet of TomorrowThe mobile Internet is evolving rapidly as consumers move off their desktops and onto their smartphones and tablets. This shift seems set to accelerate with the advent of “wearable devices” and “machine-to-machine communications.” Read more
  • 27 May2014
    Mapping Text and Data Mining in EuropeText and Data Mining – a sophisticated technique in which advanced data analytics are used to discern previously unseen patterns in texts and other data sets – is quickly being adopted in contemporary scientific and academic communities. Read more

as much as 85% of productivity growth in modern, developed economies is the  direct result of innovation