Innovation Economics is a multidisciplinary centre committed to shedding light on - and providing scientific evidence of - the profound impact of the internet and digital technologies. It combines a unique mixture of scientific rigour, original research, world-class talent and exacting thought leadership in a format that is broad in its outreach, innovative in its approach and interdisciplinary in its design.

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  • 27 May2014
    Mapping Text and Data Mining in EuropeText and Data Mining – a sophisticated technique in which advanced data analytics are used to discern previously unseen patterns in texts and other data sets – is quickly being adopted in contemporary scientific and academic communities. Read more
  • 23 May2014
    Innovation Economics @ Europe 2020 SummitAt The Europe 2020 Summit, the Centre for Innovation Economics convened a high-level debate under the timely theme Towards a Growth and Jobs Strategy Fit for the Digital Age. Read more
  • 23 May2014
    Productivity and Digitalisation in EuropeThe Conference Board and The Centre for Innovation Economics jointly publish Productivity and Digitalisation in Europe: Paving the Road to Faster Growth.  Read more

as much as 85% of productivity growth in modern, developed economies is the  direct result of innovation